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Directors' Code of Conduct

1) Act with honesty and integrity

All Directors shall conduct their activities on behalf of the Company with honesty and integrity.

2) Act in good faith in the best interest of the Company

All Directors shall act in the best interest of the Company and fulfill the fiduciary obligations.

3) Act fairly and impartially

All Directors shall discharge the duties with good faith, responsibility, due care and diligence and in a fair and impartial manner.

4) Use information appropriately

All Directors shall maintain confidentiality and shall not divulge or disclose any information obtained in the discharge of their duties unless otherwise required by laws and that no such information be used for personal gains.

5) Use the position appropriately

All Directors shall not abuse his/her position as a Director to seek an undue advantage for him/her, family members or associates, or to cause detriment to the Company.

6) Act in a financially responsible manner

All Directors shall be able to understand financial reports, audit reports and to review financial performance periodically.

7) Exercise due care, diligence and skill

All Directors shall ascertain all relevant information; make reasonable enquiries; understand the financial, strategic and other implications of decision.

8) Demonstrate leadership and stewardship

All the Directors shall have responsibility to set the Company’s strategic aims to ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the Company to meet its objectives.